Our Flavours

Lemon Ginger

After steeping organic white teas in cold alkaline water, our flagship Lemon Ginger kombucha is flavoured with scrumptious chrysanthemum flowers that creates a natural golden hue. The chrysanthemum also provides a flowery taste similar to chamomile and a natural sweetness similar to honey, but without the addition of sugar. We then infuse organic lemons, like old fashioned lemonade, and a touch of organic ginger for soft and subtle spice. This is a smooth and approachable flavour. It is our all-time best seller.

Violet Lemongrass

Our Violet Lemongrass is our most beautiful, unique and original kombucha. The first brewery in the world to use butterfly peaflower in a commercial kombucha, this batch was developed by our founder in Chiang Mai in 2015. Inspired by the popular pandan lemongrass tea consumed in Thailand for its soothing effects on the body and mind, our Violet Lemongrass tea exhibits gorgeous all natural colours and a taste that is one of a kind. Enjoy the notes of lemongrass and aroma of cardamom!

Very Cranberry

Another white-tea based kombucha, our Very Cranberry brew is flavoured with nothing but Canadian organic cranberries. Like a carbonated cranberry juice, this brew is utterly delicious day and night. It is our most drinkable kombucha, our best cocktail mix and the perfect introductory flavour for those who are new to booch. If you are introducing Loon Kombucha to a friend, this is your guy.

Sour Apple

After steeping organic green teas in cold alkaline water, our sour apple batch is transformed into a delicious, cider-like beverage that is utterly unique in the world of kombucha. Flavoured with organic granny smith apples, organic limes and chlorophyll, this is an amazing option on a hot summer’s day. Not too sour, not too sweet – it goes down just right. Kombucha reacts strongly to the apples and makes the bacteria very active! Expect a very lively batch that can become very carbonated over time. Open the bottle slowly using a burping method (see our FAQ page)

Beet Lemonade

Our Beet Lemonade is a truly delicious surprise. Beets – will this even taste good? Yes, try it immediately. The smoothness of the organic beet juice is a delightful compliment to the tartness of the organic lemons. Even those who dislike beets are into this one. One of our most popular farmers market flavours and now a staple in our main lineup, this delicious kombucha is a smooth, refreshing beverage day or night.


Our Seasonal Flavours include Cucumber Pear, Carrot Pina Colada, Cinnamon Apple Pie! 


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