Kombucha 12 Pack - Variety Cases

Can't pick just one? We don't blame you. Cold brewed in alkaline water for the purest and most refreshing kombucha in Canada, Loon is also now Certified Organic! And there are so many delicious and healthy Loon flavours to choose from! 

We offer a multitude of 12 packs of kombucha and this page is dedicated to mixing flavours. Mail order kombucha shipped right to your door – oh my!

Why Variety?

Sometimes you want the cider-like taste of our chlorophyll-infused Sour Apple kombucha, sometimes you’re looking for the berry taste of our Very Cranberry. Sometimes there is nothing better than our utterly unique, butterfly peaflower-infused Violet Lemongrass. Or maybe you want the classic Lemon Ginger, rendered tastier than ever by aromatic chrysanthemum flowers. No worries – you can have it all! Check out all our flavours here.

Loon Kombucha offers the most refreshing non-alcoholic drinks you can get in mixed 12 packs, perfect to wake you up in the mornings, to help your body recover after workouts or to soothe your tired mind in the evening.

Our mixed kombucha 12 packs come in two different styles: Selection Cases and Rainbow Cases.

Selection Case

Our Selection Case is a choose-your-own-adventure case. You pick your top three flavours and we will pack it up for you. This 12-pack of kombucha is perfect for when you know your favourite flavours already and like to change it up. You will receive four bottles of each refreshing flavour shipped right to your door. Just get them into the fridge and enjoy!

Make sure that when you select your flavours on the Selection Case page, you review the list of what’s available. Try not to order a kombucha that isn’t in stock!

Rainbow Case

Our Rainbow Case is our most popular item. It gets you the most variety. We send you every flavour that's available. In the summer, we tend to have more flavours in our cooler because we make seasonal batches. We all need more refreshing drinks in the summer!

After you order your Rainbow Case, anywhere from 5-8 flavours will be loaded into a 12 pack and shipped to your door in the mail. Get ready for a range of beautiful colours... there's a reason we call it the Rainbow Case!

When you are looking to explore all of Loon Kombucha’s offerings, go with the Rainbow. We are a kombucha brewing company that is obsessed with flavour – and you need to try them all if you are just discovering Loon for the first time. If you’re sending a gift to someone, the Rainbow Case is also a fabulous option as it allows your friend or loved one to sample all our offerings. Once you decide which flavours are your favourite, you can choose a Selection Case the next time you order your kombucha 12 pack!