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Looking for draft kombucha?

Look no more. Loon is where it's at! We have been kegging our kombucha since day one, starting with home-brew corney kegs and eventually moving on to the more reliable and industry standard sanke D' keg, made of high-quality stainless steel. We now sell kombucha kegs for commercial and home use.

All Loon Kombucha kegs are 20L, which provides an astounding fifty six 12oz pours! This is the most economical way to have high quality kombucha available at home or at an event. If you consume a lot of kombucha, there is no other way to go.

There is really nothing like freshly poured kombucha - the carbon dioxide you use to pour the kombucha makes it taste extra fresh - and refreshing! Loon Kombucha, cold brewed in naturally sourced alkaline water using organic ingredients, is the best tasting kombucha on the market. Yes, our kegs taste even better than our bottles do.

Where to get Loon Kombucha kegs

Loon Kombucha can now deliver kegs to most parts of Ontario. Purchase through shopify and remember to add a keg deposit to your order. If you are purchasing wholesale, contact us first!

What you need

If your Loon Kombucha keg is intended to be slowly consumed at home, we recommend getting a kegerator and tucking it away in a corner.

What's a kegerator?

Most kegerators are about 2 feet squared. It's basically a university-style dorm fridge that has a draft tower and faucet coming out the top. You can often find them on kijiji! Costco sells them too. Having a keg fridge is absolutely essential for storing your Loon Kombucha keg; remember, long term storage of kombucha needs to be kept at 2-4 degrees celsius. Then you'll need a little carbon dioxide tank, which pushes kombucha out of the keg using CO2 gas.


We also sell Loon Kombucha kegs for events! Wedding perhaps? Grad party? Birthday? Staff party? Offering a high end non-alcoholic drink is a thoughtful gesture for anyone who doesn't want alcohol. People who don't drink still love to socialize and a fizzy soda doesn't make your guest feel like a grown-up. Draft Loon Kombucha is the way to go.

When pouring kombucha at an event, you can rent a Kombucha Keg Pump from Loon Kombucha and just keep your keg on ice. This isn't a great long term solution because your ice will melt - but for one day of free-flowing Loon Kombucha, this solution works! Get a big bin, fill with ice and water, add your keg of Loon, tap it and pour into cups. Simply return your pump and empty kegs after the event to get your deposits back.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about draft kombucha, how/where to buy kegs, and great pouring techniques! We love selling our kegs for home use and events because we know only the most passionate Loon fans come for them. We appreciate you!

Please note: Loon Kombucha kegs require a deposit, which is returned when we get the empty keg back. 

Click here to add the keg deposit to your cart.

To read the individual flavour descriptions, visit our Single Flavour Cases page. We deliver within two weeks of your order and you can include preferences in the comments of the checkout page.

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