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The Lemon Ginger is our flagship kombucha and has been a massive hit since day one. It is brewed with yellow chrysanthemum flowers that provide a natural golden hue, a flowery taste like chamomile and a natural sweetness like honey. We then crush organic lemons into the batch, like pure old-fashioned lemonade, with a touch of organic ginger. To be enjoyed blissfully on the dock while you worry about absolutely nothing...

Refreshingly Pure

Ingredients: organic white tea kombucha [alkaline water, kombucha culture, organic white tea] * sugars (organic cane sugar) * organic lemons * chrysanthemum * organic ginger

Fun Health Facts:

Chrysanthemum Flower

The Lemon Ginger is our all-time best seller for one reason: chrysanthemum flowers. We are the only kombucha brewing company known to use this rare ingredient - though this may change now that we start talking chrysanthemum! The natural sweetness provided by these beautiful yellow petals makes Loon Kombucha’s Lemon Ginger the tastiest ginger kombucha on the market - hands down. Chrysanthemum also has some unique health properties that make our Lemon Ginger even more interesting.

Chrysanthemum is used in traditional Chinese medicine to help with respiratory problems, high blood pressure and hyperthyroidism. It's a popular summer tea in southern China, but it has also been used to treat early cold symptoms like cough and fever for hundreds of years. There is even some research that suggests chrysanthemum can reduce negative hangover effects, helping to improve alcohol metabolism and eliminating it from your system. 

Organic Ginger Root

Organic ginger root is also a key ingredient in this flavour. Ginger contains antioxidants and compounds that may reduce oxidative stress and help with nausea. Gingerol has powerful anti-inflammatory effects too.

In terms of flavour, we add just the right amount of ginger so that there is a gentle gingerale-like taste. The taste is subtle, soothing and delicious. This flavour will not have the excessive throat-burning ginger effect you may have tasted in other ginger kombuchas.

Organic Lemons

We add freshly sliced organic lemons to every batch, giving a lemonade flavour to this bottle. Lemons may support heart health, weight control, and digestive health, but really - we care about taste! We use gorgeous, ripe organic lemons to ensure we have the tastiest Lemon Ginger on the market! We originally considered using limes and lemons but found that lemons did the trick, and we added organic limes to our Sour Apple kombucha instead.

If you’ve enjoyed a ginger lemon kombucha anywhere else, you need to try this flavour next. No other ginger kombucha comes close.









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