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A delicious and original chlorophyll kombucha, our Sour Apple is cold-brewed to perfection with organic green tea. It is flavoured with organic granny smith apples, organic limes and chlorophyll. This unique and gorgeous green kombucha tastes like dry cider – only more natural and refreshing. Goes down best in the company of pine trees, absent cellphones and crisp mountain air…

Refreshingly Pure

Ingredients: organic green tea kombucha [alkaline water, kombucha culture, organic green tea] * organic Granny Smith apples * sugars (organic cane sugar) * organic lime juice * chlorophyll

Fun Health Facts:

In addition to all the wonderful gut-health goodness of Loon Kombucha, this batch has some additional ingredients your body will love!

Organic Apples and Organic Limes

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and we juice our organic granny smith apples ourselves, infusing the juice into the kombucha for a wonderful fresh taste. We also add some organic lime juice to provide a touch of energizing citrus.


Many people choose this kombucha for the chlorophyll, which is present in vegetables and is consumed by many as a supplement. It is associated with detoxification, deodorization and skin healing! A 2021 skin-care trend, chlorophyll is gaining popularity for helping people with inflammatory acne, reducing skin redness and improving skin texture.

Thinking back on some high school biology – you’ll recall that chlorophyll is the substance that gives plants their green pigment. It is found in all our green vegetables like spinach, kale and broccoli! Known for containing vitamins and antioxidants, chlorophyll is what provides most of the green colour to our beautiful Sour Apple kombucha. In the liquid form, chlorophyll can have a strange musty taste, but in this kombucha, the chlorophyll flavour Is completely masked by the sweet tartness of the organic granny smith apples and the citrus kick of the organic lime juice.

Heads up! Kombucha reacts strongly to the chlorophyll, which makes the bacteria very active! Expect a lively batch that can become very carbonated over time. Open the bottle slowly using a burping method (see our FAQ page).

Bottom line:

This kombucha is Loon’s green machine, providing the cleanse you need with a delicious, refreshing taste! If you’re looking for all the benefits of kombucha, the benefits of chlorophyll and a flavourful, refreshing drink, our Sour Apple batch is for you! Enjoy it day or night, on ice, or as a cocktail mix (if you’re of legal drinking age).









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