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Interested in stocking Loon at your retail space? Get in touch! We supply wholesale kegs and bottles in bulk to cafes, grocery stores, bars, restaurants, cafeterias, resorts, spas and more!

We are a kombucha supplier that will deliver bulk kombucha across Canada! To begin the process, enter some information about you and your business in the fields below.

Interested in organic kombucha on tap? We have wholesale kegs for sale! Keg delivery is available in the Toronto area and between Ottawa and Kingston. We are hoping to make them available in Montreal soon too! Draft kombucha tastes particularly delicious when it is poured fresh. You will develop a following of refill customers right away. All our bottles are refillable and Loon customers care deeply about the environment – they are always looking for a Loon refill station in their neighbourhood.

Our 20L kegs are narrow so you can easily squeeze them into a cooler. They are sanke kegs (industry standard) so just tap them with your existing draft system and you are good to go. You customers will appreciate that our kegs are made of stainless steel so they can be cleaned and reused. Many kombucha producers use disposable kegs that end up in landfills. No Bueno.

If you do not have a draft system, we can help you source a kegerator. Let us know if you need some assistance and we will help you out. We actually own a few of them and can occasionally lease-to-own them to you (when in stock).

We also provide compostable plastic cups FREE of charge so that you can pour refreshing kombucha for your customers on the go. Unlike beer, your customers can walk out of the store with draft kombucha in their hands because it is non-alcoholic. We sell particularly well in bars as a satisfying fermented drink that does not get you drunk. It is a great option for designated drivers. Designated drivers still want to socialize with other adults and don’t usually want to have to settle for an apple juice or a cola loaded with chemicals and sugar. 

Our cups are beautifully branded with our Loon logo and will become walking advertisements for Loon when they leave your place. Loon followers will see them and seek you out. They will come for cups before workouts to energize themselves and after workouts for that healthy gut bacteria. On the morning walk to work, they will opt for a kombucha before the 10:00am coffee. After a long day at the office, they will pick up a recovery cup on the way home. There’s nothing like a fresh cup of Loon!

Our 500ml and 1L bottles can be delivered almost anywhere. These 12-packs are available in many flavours – so check out our single flavour cases page. We also like to offer exciting seasonal flavours so get in touch to see what we’ve got!. You can order our kombucha tea in Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver and even Victoria! We will find a way to get it to you. 

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